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A Brief Introduction to the School of Journalism and Communication

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The history of journalism program in Central China Normal UniversityCCNUcan be traced to the department of Journalism, School of Humanities founded in 1994. The recruitment of undergraduate students in journalism began in 1995. The School of Journalism and Communication was reconstructed in June, 2013, and it has established four undergraduate programs since then: journalism, radio and TV, Internet and new media, broadcasting and hosting. The master program in journalism and broadcasting, including a special research direction of editing and publishing, started in 2000. In 2013, the school was certified as provider of key discipline in journalism and communication in Hubei Province. It was one of the first 48 schools in China that provides a master degree in journalism and communication in 2011. The school enrolled its first PhD students in a program cooperated with the School of Humanities in 2014. The total number of students in 2014 was 711, among which, 497 were undergraduates (including 3 international students), 212 master students, and two doctoral students.

In a history of more than 20 years, the school takes pride in its distinctive teaching staff. Among 29 full-time teachers, there are 11 professors, 7 associate professors and 11 lecturers, 64% of which has a senior professional title. 23 faculty members (82% of the total) have a doctoral degree. 12 (43% of the total) have professional working experience. The school encourages faculty members to serve in media outlets while keeping a teaching position. Since 2014, five teachers have been selected to take a position in media outlets in Hubei province. And eight journalism practitioners have joined the school as a part-time faculty member. Eight teachers have oversea experience of study, research or conference. The school is persistent in its international strategy, and academic exchange and research cooperation with oversea universities and research institutions, such as those in United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, South Korea, Taiwan, and Hong Kong.

The school has built up a reputation for educational excellence and cutting-edge facilities in research and teaching. It benefits from the resource support from National Digital-Studying Engineering Technology Research Center, and the state-level Liberal-art Comprehensive Lab Teaching Center. Its educational technology platform lab was labeled as model lab-teaching center in Hubei Province.

The school boasts a spacious digital broadcasting studio, smart classrooms, broadcasting and movie hardware, over 1000 network machines and MacBook computers for students to practice in film making, new media production, advertising and news editing. Six workshops (Yun Daiying News Corps, Photography, Documentary, Micro-film, Brand Marketing, and Newspaper Editing) provide students with exiting chances to put theories into practice. More than 10,000 titles of periodicals, magazines and books in the school library are well indexed, among which about 200 journals are in the field of communication and journalism.

The school puts a teaching philosophy of “all for the students” into practice and is dedicated to providing students with opportunities and resources, regardless of their background, enhancing their all-round talents and professional skills. Its students have been the frequent winners of an abundance of national competitions, such as National Math Model Competition, National Digital Design Competition, National English Skills Competition, and National Computer Design Competition among universities students. Jiadai Tengfei, of 2005 class, was awarded the gold prize of the 8th China International Press Photo Contest news. Peng Youting, of 2011 class, was awarded the third prize of National College Challenge Cup Competition. In 2014, Yun Daiying News interview Coup was awarded “Excellent Group in the Camera in the activity of 'to the rural areas' by the Youth League Central Committee of Hubei Province. The average employment rate of the undergraduates and postgraduates is 93%, and it alumni are highly accorded by the employers.


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I. A Brief Introduction to Program in Radio and TV Broadcasting

Since the very inception of journalism school in 1995, the Radio and TV Broadcasting was one of the first programs provided at that time. The department of Radio and TV Broadcasting has seven faculty members, including two professors, three associate professors, and two lecturers. Some teachers are experts in movie research and in film making; some have published a great deal of articles in prestigious journals, such as Art Review; and some others are recipients of National Science and Technology Progress Awards, China Radio and Television News Awards. Graduates are scattered in renowned media outlets, TV and film making companies. The program emphasizes the comprehensive understanding of fundamental knowledge in journalism theory and history, and basic skills of newsgathering, writing, editing and comments. It broadens students’ horizon by expanding their knowledge of social science and liberal art, and enhances the core professional capacities of interviewing, editing and broadcasting in radio and TV industry.


II. Educational Objectives

This undergraduate program is designed to train senior talents in radio and TV broadcasting industry or news practitioners for companies’ information departments, or to cultivate excellent candidates for further graduate programs. The students in this program are equipped with a strong sense of social responsibility, a good understanding of liberal art and social science, and a broad horizon of general knowledge. Students are furnished with fundamental knowledge and basic skills in modern journalism, and are able to interview, to write, and to edit TV and radio programs on their own. They should have strong skills of hearing, speaking, reading and writing in a foreign language.

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